turbolaserguy (turbolaserguy) wrote in shufflepuckcafe,

The funniest classic mac game

In my opinion, the funniest classic Mac game is... The Lawn Zapper!
I loved the sound when the lawn mower explodes. The shabby graphics made it even funnier.
I think it was there around 1992.

Other games I remember:
Spacestation Pheta (Lode-Runner like game. Wow, still available.)
Bird Race
StuntCopter+ (a game of dropping people off a helicopter, so they survive)
Zero Gravity (nice background music)
Color Mac (makes a color illusion on the screen of a B&W Mac)
Billiard Parlour
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Ah, StuntCopter. Standard fare for any Mac Classic.

I seem to remember a shareware bit in which you had to use a magnifying glass to burn away swarms of ants that try to attack and stick on to your coveted sugary treats. Simple concept, it just had a bizarre sense of humor. The wee noise the ants made when they died was worth it, too.

I seem to remember a Myst parody that was fairly well done, too.
Fun times.
PYST! That was a nice one. I only played it for about fifteen minutes at a friend's house, though.