a ball of beautiful sparkling light (amblance) wrote in shufflepuckcafe,
a ball of beautiful sparkling light

Um. Hey there! I stumbled on this community by pure chance, and I’m pretty glad I did. I’ve been into Mac gaming ever since I was a wee tot with a humble IIci (and later on, a 68k Performa), and this looks like a fairly groovy place to hang out. Nice to meetcha all. Escape Velocity, Lemmings, SimCity 2000, Avernum and Midnight Rescue are all big favorites of mine.

Also, a bit of an announcement (hopefully, I’m not terribly late on this):

If you had More After Dark, chances are you’ll at least vaguely remember a cute, whimsical space shooter called Lunatic Fringe. If so, then I’ve got good news for you: with this application, you’ll be able to play it on OS X - provided, of course, that you have the original module.

Unfortunately for me, my dad seems to have misplaced his old After Dark floppies. If someone would be kind enough to point me in the direction of another source (or mail it to me, if you wish), I’d greatly appreciate it. Oh, and I already know of Macintosh Garden, so there's no need to suggest it. For some reason, nearly all of their After Dark files are unavailable for download, and the ones that are don’t contain the Fringe module. Odd.

Thanks in advance!
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