Laeko Randalis (spiderclaw) wrote in shufflepuckcafe,
Laeko Randalis

Entry Again!

As I was responding to The Girl Genius's latest entry, I just remembered an awesome game.

Who here remembers playing Iz and Auggie Escape from Dimension Q? I borrowed it from the library at least twice, and I absolutely loved that game! Both it and the Elroy series (Goes Bugzerk and Hits the Pavement) were awesome games from Headbone, and I only wish they would have made more of them.

I so miss Iz and Auggie! A friend and fellow I&A fanatic and I recently borrowed the game from the library (we're both 18, but no matter how old we are, if the game's good, it's worth borrowing it from the library if it'll work), but my computer's too young, and even in OS9 mode, I&A freezes when I try to get to Level 2. Huge bummer =^(

Still one of the greatest games in existence, though (right after Shadow Wraith, which I was also crazy about, up until I got to the level with eighteen switches and a few too many doors).
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