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Shufflepuck Café

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Classic Mac Games
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The Shufflepuck Café is a cozy little hole-in-the-'Net where fans of classic Macintosh games can chat n' sip. We're an open minded bunch, so no matter what suits your definition of a "classic Mac game" -- pre-OS X, pre-System 7, pre-color, pre-megabyte -- you'll be welcome to talk about it here.

We at the Shufflepuck Café realize our clientele tend to be a vehemently brand-loyal bunch. We also know that the brand that inspires such devotion may not be the same for everybody. Whether you were born with a little beige mouse in your hand or you are a die-hard PC user who makes good use of your copy of Basilisk, we ask that you do not engage in the futile game of push-me-pull-you that is platform warfare. "Creative" misspellings, such as Windoze, Micro$oft, Crapintosh, etc., will not be tolerated if used more than sparingly. We're here to talk games, not split hairs.

Links for your perusal

VMac: A good Plus emulator for PCs and Macs.

Basilisk II: A 68k emulator. Can run all Mac ROM files up to a Quadra 900. Basilisk is open source, so there are multiple versions of the software floating around on the Interweb; search around for the one that best suits your specifications.

The Macintosh Garden: Your first stop for abandonware classics.

Le Grenier du Mac and Lost Treasures: French abandonware sites. Non-Francophones should find them easy to navigate. Both feature software too large or too not-really-abandoned for the Macintosh Garden.

MacFreeGames: Older Shareware titles, plus a sizeable selection of corny adult games. A little eye-candy heavy; may not work well on older browsers.

Info-Mac: Giant no-frills archive of games, applications, and other junk. Not the place to go if you don't know what you're looking for, but very useful nevertheless.

When Multimedia was Black and White: Two Canadian software developers' thoughts about the early Macs. Strong focus on HyperCard, with lots of good pictures.

Jag's House: Resources and how-tos for 68k Macs.

Folklore.org: Macintosh anecdotes from the original development team.

The Web SE: A Flash simulation of a Macintosh SE. Fun little webtoy.