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2,000 lbs of food for the oxen to carry, A Doctor to cure the cholera and dysentary.

Hello. Remember the Oregon Trail game we all played in elementary school in those brand new, all mac computer labs? And we would name our family members after our friends... what a great era. Anyways, a while ago I obtained an old Mac plus and bought the Oregon Trail (for only 3 bucks!). I was wondering if anyone had any favorite classic Mac games they could recomend for me and where I might find them. Thanks!
p.s. does anyone remember "Manhole"? I need to find a copy of that!
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Wow. I still have Oregon Trail. I also recommend Crystal Quest and Crystal Crazy. Those are favorites of mine. There are so many. As for where to find them, you can fnd a bunch of them at Macintosh Garden (

Another good game (though you won't easily find it anywhere on the web) is Obnoxious Tetris by Randall Cook.
wow that is a really great resource. Thank you!
You're quite welcome! I love that site, although I'm bummed they got hacked. I'm waiting for them to finally upload After Dark 4.0 Set 2 so I can get that wacky lawnmower game I used to play like mad in computer club in high school.
I remember playing a game called Odyssey (I think?). The graphics were similar to those of Oregon Trail, of course (we used Apple IIe's in our labs). The concept was, you were on this island, and you went around trying to do stuff. I don't remember what we were supposed to do, exactly, because I only ever had 45 minutes to play the game, but I imagine it involved getting off the island eventually. And if you found horses or a flying carpet you could move faster, but the flying carpet still wouldn't let you leave the island. (Stupidest rule ever! Argh!) I'm pretty sure it didn't have any connection whatsoever to the classical Odyssey, either.

Whee trips down memory lane!
Speaking of Apple IIe games, did anyone else play Swashbuckler? That was my all-time favorite in fourth grade. I used to love it when I got to use the IIe with the color monitor!
Yeah, you can download Manhole from the afforementioned Underdogs site - here to be precise:

Ever since my Myst days I've wanted to see some of the Cyan guys' earlier work, manhole is nice... I still can't find Cosmic Osmo though.
is there any way to make it work on my powerbook?
I remember Oregon Trail, but, I much preferred The Secret Island of Doctor Quandary. Ever played that?