a ball of beautiful sparkling light (amblance) wrote in shufflepuckcafe,
a ball of beautiful sparkling light

Good news for point-and-click adventure fans

Taken from LUCASMacs:

The next big thing from the ScummVM team is something called Residual. Why "Residual?" It's called that because Residual covers what ScummVM didn't get around to, namely Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island. Residual is still in early early development and may never be finished (after all, ScummVM and Residual are both free time projects), but if it is complete, it will allow Mac OS X users to play Grim Fandango using nothing more than the PC CD's that can still be bought in stores, and maybe eventually also run Escape From Monkey Island in OS X without having to run Classic or boot into 9. Keep your eye on ScummVM.org for Residual news.

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