Radioactive Platypus (chris_gazeent) wrote in shufflepuckcafe,
Radioactive Platypus



Being an avid pre-OS X Mac gamer, I'm glad to have found this community. Some of my favorites are:

-System's Twilight (favorite game of all time)
-Spheres (can never find this online...)
-The Incredible Machine
-all Ambrosia games!
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And Factory.
TIM! I remember playing that on my performa. It was so awesome, although I was very annoyed by one level I simply could not get past!

In retrospect, selling my performa was the most regrettable decision in my life. So many great games I can't play any more!
I love Spheres! The little "Spheres Activated" voice is so cute. Haven't heard of any of the others, though...sorry! (I'm a Nethergate and Castle of Ert partisan myself.)
Yep, that inscrutable British female voice.

Do you by any chance know of any place it's available online? Or maybe you can help me... when I get to Level 2 of Stage 4, called "My House" I believe, there's always some sort of error at a certain point. Do you experience that?
I remember playing Spheres once or twice. I wasn't fast enough to get a path made before the spheres came out X^P

Deleted comment

You know, it's been freeware since 2000, you can easily download it.
System's Twilight totally rocked, it's too bad I only had the demo. I LOVE the good ol' "boink-boink"s and "zzzip!" sounds as you're running around the place.
Lemmings! I remember that game (Or maybe it's sequel, hard to tell) from when I was a wee tyke! We had two discs of Mac games ranging from an RPG called Mantra (Wasted many hours of my life on that one...) to some first-person shooter :)